Robbin Heyker nace Leiderdorp en 1976. Vive y trabaja en la Haya y Pekín.

1999-2004 Royal Academy of Art, Fine Art Department, The Hague

Exposiciones individuales

2019 Birding, Galería Alegría, Solo exhibition, Madrid, ES 2019 The Balustrade, Tilburg, NL
2018 1/2 art space, Intervene, Shanghai, CN
2018 New Jörg, Brush a stroke/ Flip a coin, Vienna, A

2014 C-Space on location, Zarrow Shuffle, The Hague, NL
2013 C-Space, The Upstairs Room, Beijing, CN

2008 FAS3, Objects of desire, The Hague, NL

2007 Stroom Den Haag, Entry, The Hague, NL
2006 Galerie De Fietsenstalling, The Hague, NL
2005 Regentenkamer, The Hague, NL
2004 1646, The Hague, NL
2003 De Aanschouw, Rotterdam, NL

Exposiciones colectivas

2019 ARCO Madrid, Galería Alegría.
2018 Billytown, Mrs. Robinson, The Hague, NL
2018 Dutch Embassy, Art Beijing, together with Henk Visch, Beijing, CN
2017 Pekin Fine Arts, 27, Beijing, CN
2017 Billytown, Vignette: And the Hippos Were Boiled in Their Tanks #2, The Hague, NL
2017 Unicorn Centre for Art, You really know where you are. For the first time in history,
organised by Intelligentsia, Beijing, CN

2017 C-Space, BIRD SPACE DEEP BLUE, with Zhang Xinjun and Zeng Hong curated by
James Elaine, Beijing, CN
2017 Billytown, Vignette: And the Hippos Were Boiled in Their Tanks #1, The Hague, NL
2017 Galerie b2_, We come in peace, you're welcome!, Leipzig, DE
2016 Spinnerei, Herbstrundgang, Leipzig, DE
2016 Chalton gallery, I don't wanna curate anymore, i just wanna accumulate content, London, UK
2015 Billytown, Casting Couch, with Richard Aldrich, Joseph Montgomery, Florian and Michael Quistrebert, Marius Lut and Iede Reckman, The Hague, NL
2015 Billytown, New artist-run gallery, The Hague, NL
2013 Billytown, Das Ding, with Pim Blokker and Sjoerd Tim, The Hague, NL
2012 C-Space, You and me, Beijing, CN
2012 Institute for Provocation/ Star Gallery, SaYiZheng, Beijing, CN
2011 Billytown, Snackbar, Rijswijk, NL
2010 C-Space, Will you miss me when I burn?, with Guan Xiao, Yu Honglei and Zhou Yi, Beijing, CH
2010 CCD300, HEY, HEY, HEY, with Roderick Hietbrink, Ane Graff, Laura Morrison and
Lindsey Bull, Beijing, CN
2009 Billytown, Strandwalfestival, Rijswijk, NL

2009 Quartair, Flora en Fauna Festival 5, The Hague, NL

2009 James Taylor Gallery, Notes from the Underground, London, UK

2007 Billytown, Rijswijk, NL

2007 Galerie King Kong, Ground Two, The Hague, NL
2007 Galerie King Kong, Gambatte!, The Hague, NL
2006 Van Stand Galerie, Scheveningen, NL

2005 Van Stand Galerie, Scheveningen, NL

2005 Galerie De Bonte Hond, The Hague, NL

2004 Shell Young Art Award, The Hague, NL


2015 Kunstinitiatieven, Mondriaanfonds, Amsterdam, NL
2014 PRO Onderzoek, Stroom, The Hague, NL
2013 PRO Kunstenaarsinitiatieven, Stroom, The Hague, NL
2011 PRO Onderzoek, Stroom, The Hague, NL
2010 Standaard Bijdrage Werkbudget, Fonds BKVB, Amsterdam, NL